How to Play CPA Dating

How to Play CPA Dating - How to play cpa dating? okay this time we will discuss about cpa which is recently very much discussed, CPA is an easy way to make dollars in this article we will specifically discuss CPA Dating because the process of getting cuang with this cpa model is very easy and we will discuss it thoroughly.

CPA dating is a cost per action model that specifically targets only niche dating or dating, basically we promote dating links from a network and if someone signs up then we will get paid dollars.

CPA is short for Cost Per Action, for the action itself there are several models, namely CPA, CPS, CPL later we will explain in more detail below, for the amount of payment we can receive varies depending on what offers we run.

Terms You Must Know about CPA Dating

There are several terms in cpa dating that you must know to go deeper into CPA, we will explain one by one in detail.

CPA Network

CPA Network is a company or organization that bridges between publishers (people who advertise CPA products) and advertisers (people who place advertisements to find action) CPA Network will pay us if the minimum balance is met.

This is more or less how the system works:

Advertiser: I need new members on my dating site for the US region.

Network: okay, how much do you pay per person who signs up?

Advertiser: for the US I'll pay $2 per signup.

Network: ready

Advertiser: The target I want is Americans aged 21 and over.

Network: good deal.

Advertiser: okay...

Then CPA Network will inform the publisher to advertise the offers desired by the advertiser.

CPA Offers

CPA Offers or offers, this is what we advertise or promote to be able to get paid, for this type there are several types in an offer, you must really pay attention to the offers that we will run because there are tos that we must comply with such as where our traffic sources come from, incentives or non-incentives.

Traffic Sources

There are several traffic sources that we can use to get conversions in CPA Dating, one of which is traffic sources from social media such as Facebook Instagram etc., there is also a paid traffic method but this method requires a lot of capital, we will discuss CPA methods and the necessary materials in the next few articles.

Steps to Play CPA Dating:

Steps to Join a CPA Dating Network

There are so many cpa networks, especially dating, for cpa network names such as iMonetizeit Clickdealer and lospollos, you must be very familiar with the name of the network, before you join a network, pursue the offers they offer, whether it matches the traffic sources that you can bring in or not.

Joining a CPA network is actually very easy, if you have mastered how to bring in traffic then when the interview makes the AM or affiliate manager really confident and confident in your ability to bring in traffic.

Tips for Choosing Cpa Offers

First to choose offers look for the easiest, there are 2 types of the easiest offer in my opinion in cpa dating the first is SOI (Single Op In).

This means that we are told to find people to register on a certain website without the need to confirm the registration email, the second is DOI (Double Opt In) which means we have to find people to register on an offer and the person verifies the email.

After getting good offers, then start bringing in traffic from social media or from paid traffic, for how to get traffic for cpa later we will also discuss it.

Overview of the CPA Method

CPA method traffic from facebook

Generally people who use Facebook as a source of traffic in CPA use Facebook spam techniques used to bring in visitors.

CPA Traffic Method from Instagram

Instagram method is almost the same technique as Facebook, we need a lot of Instagram accounts to promote existing link offers.

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