CPA Marketing: Tricks to Play CPA ADCENTER on Facebook

 CPA Marketing: Tricks to Play CPA ADCENTER on Facebook

CPA Marketing: Tricks to Play CPA to make a Lot of Money - A lot of roads to Rome, as well as when it comes to making money on the internet it's just how we take it seriously. There are many other options for us to earn money, namely by becoming a Publisher on Google Adsense, Playing Youtube, or MGID.

To play Google Adsense, of course, the main requirement is that we have a Blog or Website with good traffic and is liked by many people. To make money from Google Adsense we will be paid according to the number of Ad Clicks that appear in our blog / website.
This term is called CPC (cost per click), and the amount for each ad clicked by visitors also has a different price. This is influenced by what ads are displayed on our website / blog, it could be priced at Rp. 350,- or maybe Rp. 10,000,-.
Even for blogs in Indonesian, usually the fee for one click given on average is only under 2,000 rupiah for each ad click. It's different when our blog/website is in English which is likely to be above 2000 rupiah.
This is because blogs / websites in Indonesian are most likely to be accessed by all countries in the world, while Indonesian blogs are only accessed by Indonesians.
However if we are a little bit lazy in writing a lot of articles, willbut want to earn money then one of the alternatives nowadays is to play CPA Movie.
This time I will not discuss what a CPA Movie is, but rather about the Tricks to Play CPA in order to make a Lot of Money.
The first step for those of you who already have a CPA Account, be it at Peerfly or AD-Center or just join someone else by becoming a Sub member, here are the steps you should use:

Tricks to Play CPA to make a Lot of Money

For those who have been successful in playing CPA, of course, the Trick of Playing CPA will not be given to others except their own members, therefore for a beginner this will be a very hindrance to success.
The trick of playing CPA can basically use two pieces of Social Media that we have known before, as our Marketing tool in finding customers. Because we realize that we will be paid if anyone wants to become a member of a Movie Provider site.
Our pay is a percentage of what the member has given to the first party through the second party. In playing CPA Movies, the fees we will receive depend on where the member comes from.
For example, when members come from the United States, we will get paid around 10 dollars per lead, but when we get members who come from European countries such as Francis we will get a slightly bigger fee, which is around 45 dollars / lead.
Just imagine that when we can get at least 5 Leads in one day with members of European countries, the number we will receive will certainly be even greater.
Here are the calculations of the Cost of Playing CPA Movie, for example, in one day we can get 5 Leads / members who register to a first-party site from America and Europe:
America: 5 Leads x $10.20 = 51 dollars
                  51 dollars x 14,500 = 739,500 rupiah.
Europe : 5 leads x $45 = 225 dollars
              225 x 14,500 = 3,262,500 rupiah
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Those are simple calculations for those who are used to playing CPA Movies, just imagine if a day can get money between 700,000 to 3,000,000 then how much money will we get in one PO an or in one month?? Please calculate it yourself which will certainly be a lot of money that we will get.

Tricks to Play CPA Using Facebook

What should we prepare, before starting the Trick of Playing CPA Movie;
1. Prepare several Old Facebook Accounts ( 2017 and below)
2. Prepare the link that we have created, be it our account link or the Sub link of our boss. (it would be nice for us to create a personal blog and associate it with the site that our Boss has prepared)
3. Decide which Segment we are going to go to
Case in point: Suppose we are going to search in an American country
1. Make our Marketing status on the facebook account in English.

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trik jitu bermain CPA
Salah satu trik bermain CPA yang banyak dilakukan
2. Insert Link
After we make marketing words, it's time for us to insert a Link that leads to the first party site that we have created or we get from our Boss.
3. Insert Picture / Video
To attract more consumers, then we can provide images that certainly have something to do with the latest film or according to the words we made earlier. as well as Video, it's a good idea to insert a video from the latest movie.
4. The last step is to spread our Status
Spread the status that we have created on the Facebook account earlier by adding friends or spam in the status of people or statuses that are currently viral. It can also be shared by others, of course, by adding invitation words.
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*it's better to mention the latest Movie titles to make them more interesting.
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Tricks to Play CPA by Creating a Group/Page

If you feel that you are not interested in finding market share using a personal Facebook account, one of the other tricks is to create a group or Page Dwonload Movie.
This will bring in a lot of visitors every day and actively interact with the members of the Group.


How to Make a Group Movie Go Viral:

- Create Pages/Groups according to the title of the Latest Movie, Eg: Free Movie 2020
- Enter a video or image related to the latest Movie or one of the films that we are going to make the main object.
- Once it's done, invite our friend (an American) who has become our friend to like Page or join the group.
- Invite them to share our group or invite their friends to join the group.
- Wait until there are many members and register to become a member on the first Party Site via our Link
- Wait for the Lead and be ready to receive our pay.
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