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Gamestone Indonesia. The Agite fever seems to still continue. With many types of agis found in almost all regions in Indonesia, it seems that our beloved country is going to be a paradise for the lovers of Agic stone. Not only the domestic collectors are rushed, but the collectors of precious stones have begun to enter Indonesia.

Of the many types of agiculture, there are some types that are very popular by lovers #batu Agate. For those of you who are running this business, it is good if you also have the most current collection of aggravated stone. What kind of agam is that much-loved, whether you have it, take a look at some of the aggravated stones below.

1. Green Bacan aggravated Stone

Many collectors of this type of agate stone. Agate Stone originating from South Halmahera, North Maluku precisely in the area Kasiruta Island is very attractive even until foreign collectors also participated in hunting this stone. Many of the advantages of this kind of agic that make it much sought after.

One that differs from other types of agic stone, that this stone can be naturally metamorphose the longer the more beautiful. Of these types of bacan stones are the most popular types of stone and Bacan Doko, Bacan Palamea stone.

2. Type of Akik Kalsedon Stone


It has features such as transparent mist-covered, adding to the exotism of this type of aggravated stone. Can be found in the area of West Java and Southeast Sulawesi, this stone seems to complement the beauty of the aggravated stone in Indonesia.

In addition to the above area, recently, this type of agate Chalcedon stone is also found in the area of Pacitan East Java.

3. Type of Kalimaya Acacia stone


The type of Acik that is albeit mushy, but still many are looking for it. With a specific characteristic of emitting a diamond-like color makes this stone include the number one game for collectors.

This type of agic is often referred to as this opal abroad can be found in the countries of India, Mexico, Australia and also Egypt, for in Indonesia itself can be mined in Banten.

4. Type of sapphire agic stone


Like this is expensive and has its own market segments. It is a kind of expensive stone but appropriate for the beauty of this agic.

In addition to the kind of color that is so admired, this type of Acik is also considered to have a efficacy can calm the soul or mind that is being kalut. Thus increasing the price of an aggravated sapphire type itself.

5. Type of Topaz agic Stone


The kind of agic stone is also a primadona among lovers of precious stones. Topaz Stone has a choice of orange, yellow and also reddish color.

This type of stone can be found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, also in the country of Russia. For those who believe in the efficacy of agic stone, this type of stone can reduce depression for its users.

6. Types of Akik Sungai Dareh


This type of Acik stone from West Sumatra is very popular nowadays. Many aggravkers and agate collectors love this stone. Even the leaders of the country also used this agic.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and barrack Obama are also expected to wear these agate shirts. This increasingly makes this stone very expensive and classy.

7. Types of Emerald Stones

The Emerald Stones

The stone with distinctive green color is also very famous among the lovers of Agis. This type of stone has been known since thousands of years used as jewelry stones.

The rock with a hardness of 7.5 Mohs scale was greatly appreciated and glorified in the times of the kingdom because it is regarded as a symbol of prosperity as well as peace. So it’s worth it if the stone is appreciated very expensive from the first until now.

Well, that’s some kind of acik that most of the collectors are being rushed to at this time. And the most proud is that most of the precious stones are very much and scattered in various regions in Indonesia.

Editor: Alber

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