Be weird and wacky and earn good money for your secure future

Be weird and wacky and earn good money for your secure future

Be weird and wacky and earn good money for your secure future

Have you ever worn funny clothes and turned them upside down on your bathroom door? Have you tried hanging on to your living room chandelier?

Most of the answers will be a NO. There has to be some reason to do these weird things. It is difficult to believe, but many people do some weird things to earn their living. Not everybody is blessed to have earned an income by usual means.

The problem is that people get some really weird and wacky ideas to earn money. The main thing is that we do not have to be scared in whatever we do. If we are afraid of things, we can never be confident in what we do.

You must have seen a clown roaming around in your neighbourhood. These ideas are crazy enough to work for you. Whenever you are choosing a career, you think of different things.

In this blog, you will get to know about various ways to earn money without any hustle and bustle.

Be weird and earn good

Sometimes people think of financial stability well. Other times people think of their reputation. But there are some weird and wacky jobs that people do. These unique jobs are performed in different environments.

Also, these jobs do not become boring over time. If you look at these jobs, your whole idea may turn upside down of job satisfaction.

Many times people hesitate and are not able to fund their needs. For example, if you wish to buy a car for yourself and you do not have money.

Alternatively, you can borrow car finance with no credit check. Borrowing this finance will help you to get your car. In addition, lender is ready to give loans without credit check so it is an ideal option for those with poor credit scores. But for repayments, you need to earn money. 


Money earning ways

There are many ways available through which you can earn money. You can follow them and make your financial life in a more balanced way.

1. Go for empty ink cartridges

One of the wackiest jobs is trading in empty ink cartridges. Many of the homes have empty ink cartridges.

If you send them to the recycling factory, nobody will pay you for that empty cartridge. Hence many people deal in those empty ink cartridges for cash.

If your friend or a relative needs an empty cartridge, you can deal with them and get money. Also, there are many scrap dealers who keep on looking out for such cartridges.

You can also sell these cartridges to companies dealing with second-hand products. Every empty cartridge can give you 5 pounds.

Most of the times, we throw our empty cartridges, or they are lying under our beds. Instead of wasting, some people make proper use of these empty cartridges and make them a way of living for them.


2. Get holiday snapshots

Many people click photographs and earn their living. But this is not the normal clicking. Stock photos are a famous source of pictures.

They have a collation of all kinds of pictures. But these photos also get depleted over time. Every business wants to get new photographs to have a stock for themselves. There are many other websites like stock photos to keep a collation of all the pictures.

Some people keep on clicking pictures and give them to these companies. In return, they get a good amount of money.

 It depends upon them as to which subject are they covering. But the subject has to be different. If it is not different, it will not get a good amount of money.


3. Become a life model

Many people become life models for various colleges and institutions. For a model, you do not need a lean and attractive body. Many colleges and institutes require the model of all shapes and sizes. These people become models and earn their living.

Sometimes they get £10 per hour while sometimes they make it a higher amount. If you are modelling for any college, you may take any important painting from their lobby as well.

Along with money, you also are being paid in kind. You get various things apart from money.


4. Sell your hair

Long hair is usually associated with the beauty of a woman. This is not because of modern times. This has been coming from ancient times.

Many people are now selling their hair. Not only girls but boys also sell their hair. If girls have long hair, they can get them cut and get money for it.

Many salons and other institutes make use of hair extensions out of these hairs. Extensions are an upcoming trend for any hairdo.

People buy hair extensions to look good. Also, many hair salons require good hair models for them. You can become a hair model as well, along with selling your hair.


5. Rent on AirBnB

If you live in a rural area or a leafy area, you can use your home to your advantage. Many people rent out their gardens to campers and other people looking for space to live on rent.

AirBnB is an online website that runs out homes and villas to various people. Some people find renting out their gardens and an extra space profitable.

This can be a good hobby as you tend to meet new people and also earn money at the same time. You can list your property on these websites and make a source of income for yourself.

Like AirBnB, many other websites support this kind of business. This is an income with quick cash. Once you have received cash, you can purchase anything you want.

For example, if you want a car, you can get that with this money. Alternatively, you can get instant car finance approval for your car purchase. It allows you to borrow the desired amount without indulging into too many obligations.

Repaying your car finance would not be a problem if you avail them from reliable lenders. Once you will able to do that, you can purchase your dream car and also improve your credit scores.


6. Review the music

If you like music, you can earn good money. You do not need to sing or dance on it. Just have to review music, and you will be paid for it. There are many companies that offer you payments for reviewing the music.

There are many unsigned bands that need authentic and genuine reviews. You can review their music and write comments on them.

If you are writing trustworthy and good comments, you will get more chances to write the comments. Writing good and genuine reviews will increase your scout rating.

The more rating you have, the more money you will have in your pocket. This is a fancy job that many people would like to do.

Provided you should have the right taste for the music. If you are not a music lover, this job is not for you.


If you are willing to earn huge money, you can refer to the jobs mentioned earlier. Sometimes, these jobs become exciting and help you earn more money for yourself. Make sure to give your best shot in whatever you do.


Description: How can you earn money in some weird ways? Why is it essential to earn money for your living and secure your future?

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