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What Factors are Important for Local SEO

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 What Factors are Important for Local SEO

Some people believe that SEO is something that only large businesses that deal with a national or global consumer base should worry about. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Investing in local SEO services as a small business can allow you to stand out from the competition and reach entirely new audiences. The problem many small businesses encounter revolves around local SEO’s uniqueness. SEO in itself is hard enough to grasp, and local SEO differs slightly and offers new challenges. So if you’re a small business looking to improve your local SEO, what should you do? Here are the most important factors you need to address for local SEO. 


One of the main factors that contribute to local SEO is website optimization. If your website is well optimized, you’ll likely have a much easier time ranking on search engine result pages. When optimizing your website, you need to make sure that it is easily navigable by both human users and search engine crawlers. An easily navigable website can allow search engine crawlers to index and rank your website easier and ensure that human users can find everything they’re looking for. You also want to make sure your website has fast load times and works well with mobile devices, as those features are also a critical part of website optimization. If you’re looking to engage in local SEO, fully optimizing your website should be one of the first steps you take. 

Website Authority

Just like with any type of SEO, website authority plays a major role in how you rank in local SEO. In order to rank highly, you’re going to need a high website authority, something you do through link building. Creating web pages and content that is full of links that lead to relevant and trustworthy websites can be a fantastic way of building your website authority. Additionally, you should also have relevant and trustworthy websites link back to your own website, either by citing your website as a source or allowing you to guest post. Link building and boosting your website authority is a key part of local SEO and is one of the main things search engine crawlers will look for when indexing your website. 

Keyword Usage

Another very important factor affecting local SEO is keyword usage in your web pages and content. When users make relevant searches you would appear in, they will use specific keywords. Before starting your SEO campaigns, you need to conduct research to see what keywords are most relevant to your business, how much traffic they receive, and what the competition is like. Once you identify what keywords to target, it's time to include those keywords in your webpages and the content that you create. These keywords should be strategically included and not just randomly placed, as they need to flow and sound natural for the human reader. That being said, identifying the correct keywords and correctly using them on your web pages can go a long way in helping with local SEO. 


Something that many people don’t consider when thinking about local SEO is reviews. Gaining reviews is extremely important, as they signify the satisfaction other consumers had with your business. Reviews can go a long way in convincing an undecided customer to do business with you. In addition, reviews are also looked at by search engine crawlers and play a role in your search engine rankings. If your business is highly rated on Google reviews and receives lots of text reviews, then chances are you’ll rank much higher on search engine results. 

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